What is LIBERiot?

LIBERiot is a complete open wireless IoT ecosystem consisting of a powerful Internet-based MQTT platform, wireless sensors, actuators and very low-cost gateways that provide wireless coverage for the end-nodes. Wireless gateways are easily installed by the community. This makes LIBERiot so powerful and expandable. LIBERIOT can be integrated with a long list of automation software, SCADA and cloud-based solutions already compatible with MQTT and HTTP.

Is LIBERiot really open?

Yes, it is. LIBERIOT relies on open technologies such as MQTT for the IP communications between gateways and server and GWAP for the low-power wireless nodes. Hardware and software are licensed under GPL and most of the hardware platforms is programmable from the Arduino IDE. The whole wireless infrastructure (gateways) are open to the LIBERIOT community so anyone can build projects and applications based on our wireless ecosystem.

How can I become member of the LIBERiot community?

Simply buy or build a wireless gateway, connect it to your home's or company's Internet router and register this gateway in the LIBERiot cloud. Doing this you will be increasing the coverage and density of the LIBERIOT wireless infrastructure. This is good for us and good for you!

Is LIBERiot suitable for mobile applications?

Of course! Relying on a community-based wireless infrastructure, LIBERiot is capable to provide coverages in wide regions. On the other hand, adding coverage in new areas is quite inexpensive, given the simplicity of our gateways.

Why is the gateway so simple and inexpensive?

The gateway is build around very basic hardware. All data conversions and analysis are run on the cloud server. This makes gateways simple data forwarders between our low-power wireless network and the IP world.

Who is behind LIBERiot?

LIBERIOT is a creation by iNUBO and panStamp, two companies owning a long experience in the IoT market. Cloud-based software and low-power wireless hardware combined to form the first really open IoT platform, truly end-to-end, from telemetry hardware to MQTT forwarding and back to the end-user by means of dedicated mobile APPS and MQTT channels.

Is LIBERIOT secure? How about data privacy?

LIBERIOT relies on a secured MQTT channel for the packet forwarding process: every gateway can publish on this channel but only our LIBERIOT server can subscribe to the full list of topics. On the downlink side (readable data), each user can only subscribe to his nodes, regardless of the IP gateway having forwarded the RF packet. On the low-power wireless side, nodes can be programmed to encrypt transmissions. Each node can handle its own encryption key. Then, LIBERIOT decrypts wireless packets received via MQTT.